Bash shell level to high

Hello, I’ve stumbled upon this problem and can’t seem to find info on how to fix it.

I recently started using dwm with dwmblocks to set the statusbar, and running dwmblocks would consume almost all of my ram, found the cause of this to be the “date” command, every time I type date on the terminal it gives /bin/sh: warning: shell level (1000) too high, resetting to 1 about every 5 seconds so I have to kill it or else my ram goes from roughly 250Mb to 6.5Gb.

I’ve looked around to find info on this to no avail. The curious thing is that if I switch to a tty and type date it works normally, but once a switch to my graphical enviroment and run it in a terminal its back to the shell warning.

Has anyone run into this problem before and know how to fix it?
Any help is appreciated.

Are you running that command in a loop? It may be updating every second. Try setting the timer for 60 seconds. Nobody needs to see the seconds tick away :wink: Just a thought
Otherwise, it may be related to the signal

I dont require mine to do anything when I click on them so I use dwmbar. Very simple and easy

No, literally the only thing I type in is date in the terminal and that’s all it takes to get the warning.

Have a look at this.

And here too.

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You are probably spawning bash process recursively somewhere (likely in your dwmblocks scripts).


I stopped dwmblocks, commented out the date script, restarted and it works fine, right now I’m actually only running date by itself on a terminal and that’s how i found that date itself is what is causing me the warning.

Also tried installing nerd-fonts-complete with yay and that also gives me the shell warning

If you want to fix that then you should explain how exactly you installed dwmblocks and also share your full configuration.

FWIW I prefer slstatus because it’s written by suckless themselves rather than that idiot Luke Smith.

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Hello, I spent a while looking for a solution but wasn’t able to fix the problem so I decided to reinstall archlabs, as for how i built dwmblocks i used the recomended make && sudo make clean install. Once I reinstalled the OS everything ran fine, until I built dwmblocks again, so it seems dwmblocks itself is what borks my system, don’t know if it’s something hardware specific since most people who build dwmblocks in the same way and it works fine for them.
So in the end I’m just running my xsetroot script how I had it before trying out dwmblocks.
And thanks again for taking a little bit of your time trying to help me guys.

LOL - I see you and Luke are bestest mates?!?!

Just built slstatus I can say it’s really easy and spot on for my simple needs. I don’t know why I never used it before lol.

Thanks for the recommendation.

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