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Base requires manual intervention

Read all about it:


So to be clear, we all need to install base regardless of the used distro as long as it is based on arch, correct?
Thanks for the heads-up!

Thx for sharing, will be handy @Dobbie03 !

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i’ll do it, thanks fyi

It appears that way :smiley:

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That s cool @Dobbie03

Hi all,

I saw this notice on Distrowatch, and now here. I don’t dare ask for a detailed interpretation, as it would probably be over my head. It seems Arch has made some fundamental shift and to keep up its users, and users of all distros based on it, must do likewise in order to keep up?

So as an ArchLabs user i just have to do “sudo archman -S base” and life goes on as before?

Sorry, that should have been “sudo pacman -S base”

Pretty much, I added build ad every thing has gone on as normal.

‘normal’ :rofl:

lol, you bet @DatNobleSavage , been a while my friend !

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