Baph Error 200 Response

hopefully i can use baph by tonight thanks for the support guys

Glad it could be of any help somehow.

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Yes, thank you (:

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cp /usr/bin/baph ~/bin/baph

sed -i 's/response == 200/res == 200/g' ~/bin/baph

Should fix the issue.

Line 125 is

if (( response == 200 )); then

# needs to be
if (( res == 200 )); then

For those wondering


You re welcome @Xen, please have a look @ the links mentionned above, can help a bit, like having a look from time to time.

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Sadly no
mabye im doing something wrong

Maybe you tried before @natemaia edited his post, guess it s what happened @Matouz .

oh it worked u just need to reboot

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Wow, thx for that, might help other members @Matouz

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Thanks @natemaia

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This did the trick. Many thanks!

0.3 is out now and shouldn’t have any glaring issues (apologies there), there’s also a few new goodies and various bugfixes. Anyone interested can see the commit with a breakdown of the changes linked below.

You can get the latest version with a pacman update or by following the install instructions in the repo’s readme. Please be aware, if you followed the above temporary fix I suggest removing ~/bin/baph or making sure ~/bin is lower on your $PATH than /usr/bin is, this way you don’t end up running an older version buried in your local bin rather than the system’s and wondering “insert question here”.



Thx @natemaia for the hard work & fix.