Baph Error 200 Response

There was another user on the Discord having this issue with Baph and I’m replicating it on my end as well.

Baph is getting error 200 responses when trying to connect to the AUR and the issue isn’t being replicated when using another helper, such as Yay.

Is anyone else getting this response?

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Nope, working as normal over here.

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I got the same problem, weird that not everyone using baph getting this problem

Is that on a fresh install !

Yes it is, sorry for not adding that bit. (:


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yup it is

It s alright here.

Did you updated after you got it installed !

Yup, sure did!

I would try these in terminal & get from threre.

sudo pacman -Scc
sudo pacman -Syyu

then try whatever you want with baph.

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did that many times doesnt help

Well , wonder what are you repo in there. might be an issue.

Edit: have a look in there, might help you out; can t make any damages having a look;

Please post from terminal ;

baph -v

Edit: Have also a look at this link:

its version 0.2 why do u want to know?

Got v0.2 as well on mine.

To make sure it s up to date, sometimes, not targeting you per see @Matouz , systems aren t up to date & it might affect results somehow.

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Thanks for the heads up @Xen, I pushed an update last night and likely introduced a regression. At work for another couple hours but I’ll get it fixed.

The reason why some are having issues or not would be related to whether you’re using a packaged version or a manual install (it’s just a shell script so “install” is a very loose way of wording it :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Sounds good! Thanks for your hard work and it happens like that sometimes. (:

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Thx for the comeback @natemaia , wonder why it happened to @Matouz @Xen s.

This was only added with last night’s update and will give “unknown option” error on older versions.

Thx @natemaia . So we better wait a little bit so it s gonna settle itself.

Edit: sometimes updates are good, sometimes it s not.