Bands/Musical Artists you can't stand, hate, loathe, needs to retire NOW

Lol, always be careful for what we say right @drummer

It can be bad news sometimes.

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@altman He was just wearing a t-shirt and shorts, it was easy to mistake him for just another stagehand lol. I was doing camera on that one, he puts on a great show.

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lol, that must have been a blast !

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I quite like Jane’s Addiction, Dave Navarro not so much. He seems like such a muppet on those tv shows he is on.

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I like Fruciante Peppers more than later Peppers. I think I have only one of their albums in my library. I do a mean drunken karaoke of Peppers lulz, a buddy of mine and I sing their tunes with I doing lead vox, and we brought the house down one night celebrating my birthday. I don’t do karaoke, but when I do, I only do Peppers.

Stay drunken, my friends.

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well, not bands or artists, but mostly anything above the 90’s especially non-band ones coz of “autotune” and similar tech now used to fool audience.

Yep, auto tune s a pest to me also.

The thing about auto-tune is now it’s being used on tracks where artists such as Taylor Swift and Katy Perry really don’t need it, I mean, they are supposed to have enough vocal chops to carry a simple pop melody, yet "producers’ are inserting auto-tune in verses like it was a feature, so obvious that it’s not even for pitch correction, rather the opposite. It’s like hearing what you see on news broadcasts, where the wi-fi borks for a few seconds, and distorts the transmission of Zoom or whatever. I don’t listen to either Swift or Perry, only hear snippets of their songs when they use them for bumper music of an NFL broadcast (Football Night in America has the worst fucking theme open, it’s even worse when you realize that Mitchell Truibisky is one of the starting quarterbacks on Sunday night, so prepare for a shitty game of suck).

Never heard of this band, but this guy is a few brain cells short of a dozen:

I’ve listened to Iced Earth for many years. Their last few albums have been utter shit. Their first 3, fucking classic. Saying that, Jon Schaffer is a fuckwit. I want nothing to do with this band, it helps that their output for the last 18 years has been utter crap so it makes the departure that much easier.


Spin Doctors. While shopping in the egg cooler at the local grocery store, one of their insufferable songs came over the ceiling speakers. An image came to my head, an unshaven MTV hippie in a jean jacket, who hasn’t bathed in a week, reeking of meth and ball sweat, in all his heroin chic stature challenging me in a constant loop of “go ahead now”, picking a fight over the last carton of free range eggs, after he was banned from Trader Joe’s for trespassing in their dumpster. Thankfully, there were stocked full of free range eggs, and he was nowhere to be found. Yet that song still played in that incessant loop of “go ahead now” as I pushed my cart to the frozen aisle. I drowned it out by singing aloud “All my exe’s live in Texas”, to which (true story), I received applause lulz.