Bands/Musical Artists you can't stand, hate, loathe, needs to retire NOW

I’ll start with Sammy Hagar. I can’t stand Sammy Hagar. Poodle hair, stupid lyrics, 70 year old man singing cock rock, and now officially Jimmy Buffet with a distortion pedal slinging shit tequila. I was 17 years old when I loaded a baby crib he bought at the local JC Penny into his pickup truck, and he was an asshole. How does a grandpa sing about getting laid? YOU’RE A GRANDPA. YOU’RE THREE TIMES THAT GIRLS AGE, AND SHE IS 35 YEARS OLD YA GEEZER. YOU RUINED VAN HALEN. YOUR DAD WAS AN ALCOHOLIC, AND HERE YOU ARE SCREAMING MAS TEQUILA TO A CROWD OF 100 BABY BOOMERS SHOUTING “FUCK YEAH!” PUMPING FISTS INTO THE AIR WHILE YOU STUMBLE AROUND ALL THE WICKER FURNITURE ONSTAGE. PLEASE RETIRE NOW!

Aerosmith/Steven Tyler. Dude, you look like my grandma, and she has been dead for 40 years. If it weren’t for Run/DMC, it would had been over as it should had been. In fact, you ruined their version of “Walk This Way”. I’ve heard frogs sing better than you, and not the one in the cartoon. I get old just looking at you. Retire now!

Best idea not to get me started here but since you asked.

The Arctic Monkeys
The Kings of Leon
System of a Down

Three of my all time despised bands. There are more but I shall leave it at that for now.



Limp Bizkit.

That’s all that needs to be said.

Ok, ill do five. No order and there are a ton more. I’m pretty tolerant with music, each to their own and all that, but…

  1. the eagles
  2. counting crows
  3. nickelback
  4. its an entire genre, but mumble rap
  5. artic monkeys.

I might edit this.


Yeah this thread is not to bag on anyone’s taste of music, it’s here to bag on bands, artists, genre, and so forth. Like Justin Bieber, I mean, he’s Justin Beiber. I just use a bit of commentary just to rant about them lulz.

UB40 - This band makes you want to hurt people. You can be in a sunny, friendly disposition, and then “Red Red Wine” comes on the radio, and then you turn into the Incredible Sulk. They can turn Tom Hanks into Charles Manson. They are like the Pat Boone of Reggae. Peter Tosh would illegalize them.

I like Limp Bizkit & System of a Down :clown_face:

Nickelback definitely need shooting though.

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I think U2 can be added to the list.

Just to be clear, like @drummer mentioned. At no time am I poo-pooing anyone’s music taste. I have just mentioned a few bands that really rub me the wrong way.

When I heard “One Direction” for the first time my immediate thought was, “Justin Bieber, please come back, all is forgiven!”

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This is difficult, because I can think of many bands; but I’ll do three:

The Beatles

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I can’t be bothered to write the names of someone or someband that I cant stand, not worth my time and attention. I’d much prefer on learning about some names you people do like giving me the chance to discover some that maybe I don’t know about.


Go Here
or maybe that should be “hear”.


You might be right :grin: I learned english all by myself with no school or courses, sometimes I use words that sound ok in my head but not that great for a native speaker.

Good job @drLobes . Not as easy as it looks right !

I might like Sammy Hagar when he was in Montrose. But that’s because it’s Ronnie Montrose. Not Sammy Hagar. Even still, I might like it, but even more if there was no Sammy Hagar lulz.

Normally I switch off to music I dislike, there is A LOT of popular music I can’t stand but also a lot I like. I have learnt from many years of working in retail and my current position where there is no control over the music to zone it out.

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On “corporate” gigs doing sound, I have to playback music for when the conference attendees walk in the venue. Needless to say, I have a big library of fuzak, or smooth jazz, which I play for walk in because it’s not say, NWA or stuff like that lulz.

Years ago doing a sound gig for Sanwa Bank, I was discussing walk in music with the client, whose name is Mike. First time I had worked with him, so I showed him my library which he as cool with. He then said to me “Yeah, my son and I have very different tastes in music. I listen to more what you have in the gate (it was Lee Ritenour). He plays in the band you may have heard of, Red Hot Chili Peppers”.

I then notice his last name on his lanyard. It was Navarro. I had to ask:

“Your son is Dave Navarro?”

He said “Yeah, have you heard of them?”.

I said that I had, and then people started to walk in, and I had to get faders up, so I left it at that. Later during lunch, he comes up to me and shows me a photo of himself in a suit, Dave in all his Dave regalia, and what I assume was his little brother, a toddler in a sailor suit lol.

Mike was super cool , he told me stories of his late wife -Dave’s mom - and a little how she passed on. Mike had his nephews doing video and graphics, funny cats. I asked the guy on graphics (forget his name) over com if Dave brought any hot chicks over to their house. He said, “Nah, just Flea” lulz.

Mike hired me for two more gigs after that, he runs a marketing firm, very successful from what it seems. His taste in music is jazz and stuff, so I didn’t have to play the fuzak on those gigs.


Wholy crap, small world some times right @drummer

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@altman The family pic still makes me lulz. I work with all kinds of big name corporate types, musicians, and celebs, so I don’t get all ga-ga when I meet them. I did a Billy Joel gig, where I mistook him for a stagehand during soundcheck, when I was talking with him lol. It took me a second to realize he wasn’t, thank God I didn’t say anything stupid.

My first gig with Mike, I had to mix a singing and dancing group, and their talent director was showing me the cues, which we all worked out during their rehearsal. During show, the guy stood behind me yelling the cues we already worked out at rehearsal, and that’s a huge no-no. Mike heard him over the com, and asked who was making all that racket. I told him it was the talent director, and Mike said over com “Tell that fucker to get off the tech booth and let you do your job, and this came from me!”.

I love that guy.