Backup & Restore Arch System ... anyone tried this?

Has anyone tried this??? I’d like to know before I lay waste to the country-side…

Back up the pacman database

The following command can be used to back up the local pacman database:

$ tar -cjf pacman_database.tar.bz2 /var/lib/pacman/local

Store the backup pacman database file on one or more offline media, such as a USB stick, external hard drive, or CD-R.

The database can be restored by moving the pacman_database.tar.bz2 file into the / directory and executing the following command:

# tar -xjvf pacman_database.tar.bz2

I would like to know more why folks do this. I’m unsure why folks would need to save off the DB

A lost or corrupted local database can force a re-installation:

The technique is advised in the ArchWiki so it’s unlikely to be harmful in any way. Not tried it myself though.

@Head_on_a_Stick @Chris I’ll give this a go… probably this week. I am trying to generate duplicate images/ installs on my two usable laptops. I have been working diligently on my dwm install. I am trying to skinny things to an ‘elegant’ minimalist look. btw. by changing to LXQt powermanager, I managed to reduce the base running foot print by about 20%. Who knew??? :wink: