Backing up an encrypted drive

As I’m converting all my laptop drives from plain old ext4 to luks, I was wondering…
Has anyone did a Clonezilla on a luks drive, and, were you able to pull off a restore?

My fist thought is this: it could clone the LVM, but not sure what happens to the underlying partitions, therefore, not really doing anything at all.

Perhaps this might help, I haven’t done any of this myself, only the plain Clonezilla backup. Obviously some variables have to be adjusted to your own situation:

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This is a great find! It looks promising but man, if it fails… lol, lots of work to rebuild.
I have become too dependant on the quickness of Clonezilla but moving to luks, up front, appears to introduce more work in the backup/rebuild flow.

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Yeah, if it fails… Preferably I’d decrypt it, backup and restore and then encrypt again. As you probably have read the restore process of an encrypted image also takes a lot of time. Perhaps worth considering?

@Chris I’ve been using Luks with ext4 and now btrfs for years. Never used in tandom with clonezilla though. I back my important stuff to next cloud and need to back up my dots. Restore for me is just a resync with nextcloud and todo:dotfiles, then everything I want from “pacman -Qe” on a new install.

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I agree - something much like you are saying seems to be the best option at this point.
And you are 100% right, as long as you have some mechanism that installs all the apps for you (in your case with pacman) and with Debian, there’s apt-clone.

I do use both when doing a complete rebuild depending on what system I rebuild, and it speeds thing up tremendously.