Azote wallpaper manager

Holy crap that sux @nwg

Edit; As if someone only had that to do.

I don’t care. Developers shouldn’t distribute their own software.


Oh thx, wasn t aware of that, never developed or maintained something.

Azote 1.8.2 released

AUR updated.


Top @nwg

Debian/Ubuntu packages upgraded, Alpine Linux merge request submitted.

It turns out that the Debian/Ubuntu versions didn’t provide indicator*.png, which was poor, but I’ve now corrected that for this version.

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The resources location could be improved, to be honest. Python allows to use paths inside libdir, so actually there’s no need to place icons elsewhere - except for the application icon in /usr/share/pixmaps. I need to improve it one day.

Top @Head_on_a_Stick @nwg

Some tricky changes to allow restoring previously set wallpapers on startup. Especially risky code added to xrandr / fehgb support. If somebody could give a try to azote-git, I’d be grateful.

Azote 1.9.0 released

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Nice @nwg

Alpine MR submitted, Debian & Ubuntu packages building now.


Top @Head_on_a_Stick

Thank you!

Azote 1.9.1 released

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Top again @nwg

Packages updated.


Thank you. This update gets us ready to sway 1.6.

For further updates look here.