Azote wallpaper manager

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Azote v1.7.3 released


  • Screen color picker: grabs the dominant colour of a selected screen area.


  • wmctrl dependency removed;
  • grim, slurp - optional dependency added: for screen color picker on Sway;
  • maim - optional dependency added: for screen color picker on X11; (it’ll also install slop, necessary as well).

Bug fixes:

  • prevent program from crashing in case Sway not installed;
  • prevent program from crashing in case wallpaper folder manually removed;
  • fix for context menu not being shown if jpg or jpeg file association not detected;
  • icon_flip.svg converted from font to shape;
  • hardcoded ‘Copy as’ string replaced with the dictionary value.

Top work again @nwg

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Azote 1.7.4 released

  • Layout adjusted to look well in light and dark GTK themes;
  • set_always_show_image(True) for all image buttons, to avoid setting gtk-button-images=1 in gtk-3.0/settings.ini;
  • toolbox windows properties modified (will only affect tiling WMs).

Since this release includes all the features I planned for this stage of development, no new one is expected very soon, unless major bugs are found. I started working on some new tools, but this may take weeks. For now they will only be available as azote-git, when merged into master.

If it comes to packaging the current release: please pay attention to new optional dependencies.


Top ! Hard @ work again @nwg

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Good work!


Colours parsed from alacritty.yml. I want them to update on click with the value copied from the palette or the color picker window. I’m unsure if to produce the text to copy-paste into the dot file, or to edit alacritty.yml directly. It should be possible, as I’ve got it all imported into the dictionary, which could be dumped to the file.



Wow, nicee @nwg

The toolbox to edit Alacritty colors. See the video to find out what the workflow looks like. It may be geeky rather than intuitive. :slight_smile:



Wow, looks great @nwg

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Well, not really my first need, but someone may find it useful. Later I’ll also add a similar toolbox for .Xresources.

Meanwhile: latest additions seem to work well on dwmX by @mrneilypops.


Nicee @nwg

Merged into master:

  • Color picker in Sway: it’ll will first try to pick a clicked point instead of an area with:

grim -g "$(slurp -p)" -t ppm - | convert - -format '%[pixel:p{0,0}]' txt:-

Optional packages grim, slurp and imagemagick required.

The colorthief-based calculation of the dominant color of an area left as the fallback method;

  • Color picker on X11: it’ll will first try to pick an area and return a color with the maim command:

$ maim -st 0 | convert - -resize 1x1\! -format '%[pixel:p{0,0}]' info:-

Optional maim and imagemagick packages required.

In case it fails, the colorthief-based calculation of the dominant color of an area will be used as the fallback method;

Why so? The colorthief library is cool, but calculation of the dominant colour is not accurate enough. If you select a region filled with #333333, the calculated value will be #343434.

  • Toolboxes for .Xresources and alacritty.yml; allow to find colour definitions and redefine with colours selected from a palette or probed with the color picker;

Usage: click a colour on the palette or pick with the Screen color picker -> click a colour inside the toolbox to apply. Copy - paste definitions into the .dot file. Mind the 2 spaces indentation in alacritty.yml.

About the .Xresources toolbox: in contrary to the alacritty tool, which uses the pyaml module, this feature uses simple txt parsing. It looks for lines in one of the following formats:

*background:  #161312
*foreground:  #ffffff
*color0:  #161312


#define name0 #2E3440
#define name1 #3B4252
#define name2 #434C5E

If there are some other ways to define colours in .Xresorces, please let me know. I don’t know much about it.

Thanks in advance for installing the azote-git package, testing and reporting bugs.

Top again @nwg . Loads of work right !

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Not really. The code is quite simple, and the only question is if I made it error resistant enough.

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Hey cool.

python 3.8 just arrived, and both azote and azote-git packages stopped working.

For now you can edit the launcher:

sudo nano /usr/bin/azote

and replace

cd /usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/azote


cd /usr/lib/python3.8/site-packages/azote

I’ll update packages ASAP.


Thx for the warning & solution @nwg

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azote & azote-git (AUR) updated for python 3.8

@PackRat: azote 1.7.4 available in Void Linux repository.

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