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Azote wallpaper manager

Guys, I’m kind of proud of this tool, so couldn’t resist to share the teaser.

In the beginning I was just missing Nitrogen on Sway. Since the Sway team’s just released swaybg, I thought to give it a frontend with some GTK-based UI. I liked the result, so I wanted to find some X11 backend, and I chose feh. The video below was recorded on i3-gaps, and it misses one feature: the background color picker (unsupported by feh). It should give you some first impression, however.

You may install Azote from AUR.


I’m totally amazed and impressed — outstanding! :clap:


Still needs some more work and testing. Hope I’ll find a bunch of testers. :slight_smile:

Haha should be no problem.

This forum is the testing gene pool. :dna::dna::dna:


Amazing! Well done.

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My dear sir, that is remarkable indeed


Thank you very much. :rofl:

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That s some great work @nwg .

Keep it on.

Edit, also needs a deb files for the ones of using us BL users as well ! lol If possible, just a suggestion here.

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Well… I created just one .deb package in my life, and forgotten everything until now. :slight_smile: But I’ll do my best when the app is ready to use. Or maybe some more skilled Debian user will do it, who knows?

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Im not worthy!

Brilliant job man. Thanks for sharing this.

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I will! ATM it only works with sway and i3. I’m adding some more code to let it work on other WMs.

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No worries, I was just writing so, if you don t make , it s alright with me anyways, don t make anything special, it must be a pain.

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When this day comes, I’ll need a 6-pack. :smiley:

I’ll give it a go, if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

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@Head_on_a_Stick It would be excellent.

@Head_on_a_Stick If so: could you tell me if the i3ipc-python (python3 version) package is available for Debian?

I use it to detect displays on either Sway or i3 in a single function, but there is a problem: the package is in AUR only. And e.g. on Void there’s the package does not exist. Displays could also be detected in other way, but I’d have to write separate functions for Sway and i3.

No it is not but I’ve just checked the AUR package and I should be able to package it up for Debian (fingers crossed).

Which licence are you using for this software?

Will there be a script? It makes things easier for me :slight_smile:

I should be able to package it up for Debian

This module should be available on each distro which offers i3 / Sway. I believe I could package it for Void, too.

Which licence are you using for this software?

Not yet decided. GPL, MIT, something else? Any advice?

Will there be a script?

Of course it will.

GPL but I’m a Debian user so I would say that :smiley:

The sway developer agrees with me though:

Doesn’t matter much to me. I could even be WTFPL. :slight_smile:

Alright, back to code. I’m giving up on i3ipc-free displays detection.