Azote Palettes

As I once mentioned, I stole some code from Azote wallpaper manager to make a slightly larger color dictionary. It resulted in the azote-palettes GitHub repository. As the tool usability is limited to graphic designers, I see no point in adding it to AUR. However, if someone would like to take a closer look, I added the PKGBUILD file to the repo.


  • makes a palette of up to 36 colours out of selected images;
  • converts RGB to CMYK;
  • finds the name of the nearest known colour (according to Wikipedia);
  • finds the nearest colour on the Pantone C scale.



Top again @nwg .

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I didn’t expect to spend more time on this project, but the possibility to paste images is funny. For now it works on Wayland, and probably on Windows / Mac (not yet confirmed). X11 copy/paste feature coming soon (I hope). PKGBUILD updated.


  • X11 copy/paste feature;
  • source image path as CLI argument, for possible integration with Azote wallpaper manager (?) .

Nice @nwg

As said last night:

  • azote-palettes /path/to/the/image makes the program try to open the image from the given path;
  • MimeType=image/jpeg;image/jpg;image/png; added to /usr/share/azote-palettes.desktop.

From now on “Azote Palettes” should appear as an option in “Open with”:

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wl-clipboard dependency dropped in favour of the Gtk.Clipboard class; should work in both sway and X11. PKGBUILD updated.

I confirm that the code works on Win10, in the MSYS2 environment - together with copy-paste. Packing it, however, exceeds my skills and desire.



Hard @ work again @nwg . Nicee .

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This certain job seems to be finished: it does all I wanted it to.

That s great @nwg