Axyl OS

I came across this today, focuses completely on wm’s.


Hehe you’re right on time, I just spent an hour hunting for a distro-hop-test distribution this morning, then I saw you post. CHEERS!


Don’t see a checksum … maybe I’m just missing it.


Couldn’t find it either :frowning: The rest looks pretty cool, but that needs to be fixed first.


Don’t think I’ve ever seen fish as the default interactive shell. Interesting spin.

And to remove the status overlay which covers up applications:

pkill eww

What the **** is eww?* No man page available, which doesn’t seem right.

* I just checked, it’s rusty so therefore trendy.

Interesting distro. Nice to see xmonad and spectrwm getting some exposure.

Looks like you cam clone the repo and roll your own.

These mate


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I just ran a quick test… conky only works correctly on the bspwm desktop, os-prober had some issues (problems) finding other arch based OSes. Nice look to the setup but aside from its eye-candy it lacks a few basics.

Perhaps because Arch uses a non-versioned kernel image name?


Pretty good TN theme implementation. Another eye-candy Arch-based distro, but much less bloated than Garuda.


That’s not hard to do.

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If I were smart enough, Sharpbang would be my OS. I love stuff that is well engineered, tiny, and it’s perfection is how you implement it in a tiny box that handles everything.

The mere idea that can be in the same virtual room with @Head_on_a_Stick, honestly, I am very humbled and wish for you to guide me into something that makes sense out of bullshit. I studied with Tony Williams.

I grew up in fucked up shit. But I am a writer. You are so solid i what you write in Sharpbang that is like ":fuck you, it;s Debian, and Openbox dumbbass

It’s just weird that because you are @Head_on_a_Stick , as much has you given everyone, which is well deserved, I am truly honored just for putting up with my bullshit.

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