hey guys - so i also installed the awesome that came with the install. I never used it, but I can’t for the life of me find the Tililing Icon.

To be honest, never used our Awesome implementation. It was designed for us by someone else. Sorry.

I literally just figured it out. .config/awesome/rc.lua is the config that changes the appearance.

So far I don’t like it, maybe because I don’t know how to use it yet. But I will keep trying. It’s very fast though. Much faster than i3

Update: I gave up on awesome. i3 makes more sense as I can control the size of each window, awesome has these preset sizes - unless I am missing something.

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There should be a section in the rc.lua key and mouse bindings for resizing floating windows, or the master/stack area. The problem is always deciphering the lua.

I think the default (basic) rc.lua is still located in /etc/xdg/awesome so you can replace the more complex one for Arch.

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Archlabs awesomewm comes configed as openbox. I had to modify it to be like tiling window manager. I have to agree with packrat need to decipher lua which takes time.

I spoke with Elena the author of the AL Awesome config the other day. She plans on updating the config soon.