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Hi, first time here guys, sorry if the topic isn’t right. I would like to know if the support for awesomewm is back or if it’s planning to getting back to the iso. I used AL in 2020 and 2021, and in 2022, when I installed the latest version of that year I noticed that the option of having awesomewm was gone. I know there’s a topic about getting the old releases and all, but have been said it shouldn’t be installed in real hardware. Is really that “dangerous” to install an old version?

Summary of questions:

  • Awesomewm is comming back anytime soon?
  • Is okay to install 2020 or 2021 version of AL?
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I believe the repos have changed and some of the old options will not work.
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Welcome to the forums @i3elj


Welcome to the forum
if I’m not completely mistaken, you can’t use the old archlabs iso as awesomewm has been removed from the archlabs repo
but if you want the awesomewm just like when they had it in their repo
so you can find it here


Probably not. But you can install awesome and get the configs from the git page @icebird linked.

Use the current release of ArchLabs for installation.


Thank you guys! You are awesome (no pun intended). I hope I’ll be more in touch with the project from now on.


You could install Awesome pkg and configure it yourself. In case you really need the configs from Archlabs for any particular reason, there’re still some AL skel pkgs for Awesome online. For example,


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In one word, no. None of us use Awesome, the config was from a talented person who has vanished from the interweb. None of us really have the inclination to configure an Awesome config.

It was awesome while it lasted.

You’re wasting your time as the installer checks and updates to the latest version automatically. I just searched my files to see if I have the old Awesomewm configs and I don’t I’m sorry.

(I just saw that @icebird linked you to @elenapan’s repo).

Like the other guys have said, there are tons at /r/unixporn etc you can borrow and tweak or just write your own.

Sorry, I couldn’t help further.


They can be pulled from our skel repo’s git history if anyone wants.