Average joe enjoying the ride

Hi there,

My name is Justin, aka Brid0uz, I’m a french 27 years old one working with elders suffering from Alzheimer and various dementia.

Using Linux as my sole OS for a little more than a decade now. After using Fedora with Gnome, Solus and Ubuntu I wanted some minimalism and tried Void. Too much minimalism and DIY stuff to do so I jumped off the Void train to the Bunsen lands. Openbox was a great experiment, tried cwm too.

And now I’m back on Arch (cool kids always want updates rights ?) with sway as my WM. Waylands seems really nice and everything works as expected on my crappy laptop.

Other than toying with Linux I like music (metal is my favorite genre but over time I find myself enjoying old (prog) rocks masterpieces and jazz/fusion genre.
I"m also a guitar/piano player for fifteen years and more recently I bought an Oud which is a huge re-assessment of all I know about music.

I also enjoy reading (Comics, SF/Fantasy books), cooking and kites.

See you,



Hi @Brid0uz, welcome to the forum!

Also special greetings from another sway user. There are two of us on the forum now. :rofl:

Welcome to the forum @Brid0uz , see you around.

Welcome aboard @Brid0uz

Edit; kind of similar music tastes

Hiya Justin, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Sounds interesting, any pictures?

Thank you all, and no @Head_on_a_Stick no pictures. It’s a simple one, I just enjoy going 10 meters from my house on a field and feeling the wind play with the kite.

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Nice, sounds like fun. I live on a hill actually, I should probably try that :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum!! Glad to have you here.