Auto extract zip , rar , etc

Would someone be able to help. I used to be able to double click an archive file and it would automatically unpack the archive. With the new version Archlabs this does not happen now keeps opening fileroller instead.

Thanks for any help…

On my install of AL I had no program to unzip, I added p7zip-gui from the aur.
p7zip works great as well if you want to use the cli.


Also do you have the thunar-archive-plugin installed?

Assuming you are using Thunar of course.

Is that part of XFCE-Goodies !

@sammiev Thanks p7zip seemed to work.
@Dobbie03 No I use spacefm
@altman Only have dkwm installed, all the Goodies I need. :sunglasses:

Happy Days


Glad that it worked out on your end @KoO Props to @sammiev


No I don’t think so, pretty sure it’s an extra.


Ah, I didn t/don t remember if it s a part of it or not.

That’s correct the thunar plugins like archive manager and media tags are stand alone. xfce4-goodies are the plugins for xfce4-panel and a few other things.

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