Aurman - No Longer Continued

I am not willing to continue developing aurman for public use. The GitHub issues are closed, I am not interested in feedback, feature requests or bug reports anymore. aurman is going to be developed for myself only from now on, I suggest migrating to yay .
Stopped development for public use

Which aur-helper will archlabs go?

Sad news but I respect your decision in there.

Edit: Guess I ll go back to pacman.

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I wonder what precipitated this decision? But @gentux doesn’t want to discuss this. But it is his project and I am hoping that AL didn’t force this decision. Really sad!:disappointed_relieved:

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yay works well for me…very similar to yaourt for the end user…in my opinion.


I have flagged @gentux post so that staff will see this, since aurman is installed with AL.

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Discussion so far has been, at this point @gentux we won’t be providing a AUR-helper with future ArchLabs ISO’s. We will leave it up to the user to make up their mind on what helper they would like to use.

This may change, but I doubt it.


According to the expression left in Github, I only have one thing to say as a Linux user and ArchLabs, delete this package from the official AL repositories.

We must respect the desire or the will of the developer, do not know which word to choose now but I think you follow understand.

Options are not lacking and will never be lacking, there is no good or better, we only have options and so we will opt.

In my thinking, if I do not want a detail, file or package to be public I should not publish it, correct ?. Otherwise exposing the material we are subject to everything.

Lack of communication does not help at all, it never helped.

Aurman does not appear on the official list of AUR helpers, so it’s not official.

We will not discuss who is or is not advanced to use a repository helper, but it is known to everyone who uses Linux that an “advanced” user does not need helpers, he knows to turn around.

I use Linux since 2005 and I am not advanced (just the age) but every day I learn something and one day I get there, that is what I have to deal with and even without knowing I help in what I can, nothing is ours, we are just passing through , this is a fact.

We have Trizen, Pikaur, Yay and many others to help, they are there to help, I’m sure.

That’s my thought, that’s my opinion.


I’ve always stayed in pacman, because I’ve never had any problems, so why should I pass arman?
Especially after the decision taken.


I use powerpill, pacman, and yay. But these are my preferences. Others may use and like aurman. But for @gentux to all of a sudden pull out the rug from under someone, is in opinion sad. He should have given some warning. Pretty much everyone on this forum are advanced enough that they don’t need aurman. More power to @gentux. I will continue to use the same packages and techniques I’ve always used. It’s his decision and respect that. I’m not going to lose sleep over this.


I suggest a small change in the security policy of ArchLabs, that no other aur helper is standard on the system, these programs have a simple installation and at that moment the power of choice of the end user should be kept, at most a brief description in the installer or in the al-hello guiding this question and a link (if necessary) showing the source of all the official programs supported by the Arch base, so the end user and novice will know how to walk just because help is still good!

It’s just an idea!

3 Likes Yup, see @Dobbie03’s comment above :slight_smile:


I saw, just wanted to add some details … hahaha…


The important thing now is to know that this is past, a program can not define a system, it is a set and much more than that in fact.

I foresee a lesser ArchLabs yet… :joy:

2 Likes An aur-helper really isn’t intended for inexperienced Arch users anyways but more of a convenience for mundane aur tasks by people who know how to install from the aur manually. There’s always a gui like pamac for users new to ArchLabs, which they can install later at their own discretion.


Yes, I do not disagree, and even support.
But the question I see here or somewhere else where the author of the program left the text clarifying this fact is the way the message was passed, it seems indgnado, I do not know what happened what is happening in your life or in the work, but it is something that does not matter as he made it clear, the program is not a problem or problem, it is not that, the question is another, but we have our lives, he has his and it is not within our reach , this is his problem, I have no doubts about it, it is something particular, the negative that the text goes by declaring his will makes anyone think two other times, just to observe with calm, anyway … for me this subject is in charge, Let’s keep walking.


I just installed yay and it seems very nice to use. Quick as well. Worth checking out.


Yeah! yay is great!!


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