Aurman doenst work after clean install of archlabs

just installed archlabs fromscratch, aurman doesnt output anything:
nico@arch ~ % aurman -S inxi
1 nico@arch ~ % aurman inxi :frowning:
1 nico@arch ~ %

Regardless of your issue, using aurman is no longer recommended as it is no longer supported by the dev. It is recommended you switch to another aur helper like yay.
I just checked and yay -Ss inxi gives me the expected output.


is there a way update the tray icon updater for yay?

What you “could” do (as I have done and assuming you are using i3);
Install pamac-aur using yay (IIRC). pamac-aur has a tray plus allows you to set it to check (and download if you wish) both standard repos and (in my case - nexus) any AUR of your choice.

I then simply use the normal pacman command to install any updates once I get a notification. Of course, you would need an entry in your i3 config to ensure the tray gets called up (again, assuming you might be using i3). For this, I use exec --no-startup-id pamac-tray

Depending on the WM/DE you use, you may need to investigate how else to set the tray up.
This is only one suggestion as there may be others so, YMMV


I ended up modifying the module.conf file in the polybar directory.
line 207
label = %{A1:termite -e “yay -Syyu” & disown:} %{A3:termite -e “yay -Syyu” & disown:}%output%%{A} %{A}

worked perfectly

That s great that you fixed it, please mark it as solved.

Ah nice. Since I use i3blocks, i’ll tuck your mod away for future use.

What @xsme said.

Mine does not work for some reasons, nothing show up when clicked

Did you install yay before adding/changing the respective code? It worked for me without a problem.
If you need further help, please consider sharing more details of your problem.

I did install yay from Today it shows how many update I’ve got now but when clicked nothing happens. I could still update with -Syyu though. I deleted aurman earlier (and other obsolete packages like homepage and ob-autostart), and the outputs are yay’s

Best idea is to run from the terminal


It will run like a normal update using just Pacman but will also update any AUR packages.