Aurman broke during today's update

Aurman is not working anymore during today’s update process… here is a screenshot

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Looking into it, it is a python thing and not Aurman, I am using Yay personally. but all you have to do is rebuild it as talked about here.

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Ok…so I ve installed the aurman from and no more errors but it replaced the archlabs-aurman. Any downsides ? Or is the same (minus the “archlabs” in the title) ?

Noob here

@ryuuji For now, I rebuilt aurman using the same package from the aur. Seems to work just fine until possible fixes can be offered.

Yeah it should be fixed by AL but is a great distro anyway.

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Aurman isn’t our application.

There was a massive python update today, have you updated?

The update for python was yesterday for me (europe gmt+2)that update cause the issue above. Aurman updated itself today to the latest version.
I know that aurman is not your pkg I just thought that the wrong version of aurman was included with the setup but it seems python is causing problems often after update.

This will just require a rebuild of our aurman package, I’m away till midweek so it will have to wait. In the mean time pacman.


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Yeah it cause me a couple of issues with Polybar modules and tint2.