Aurafetch - minimal info script for ArchLabs


Hello, fellow archlabbers!


I made a nice, minimal info script called aurafetch that plays nicely with ArchLabs. I just updated it and migrated to GitLab!

I’d appreciate it if you could check it out, provide feedback and post a screenshot if you feel like it!


Very nice!

Quick suggestion: for $term, why not use $TERM?

empty@buster:~ $ echo $TERM
empty@buster:~ $

I may try to port this to Debian, if that’s OK?


I changed it up to $TERM and my terminal shows correctly before the term: showed nothing.


That is certainly okay! Hopefully it won’t take much.

@Head_on_a_Stick Re: using $TERM, it doesn’t work correctly with alacritty, which is my terminal. However, I can do that and add in a check for alacritty if you think that is a superior option.

@Dobbie03 There is currently no case for st in the terminal function, but i’ll change it to a $TERM base with checks on top of that.


Really? That sounds like a bug in alacritty, although I may be wrong.

It’s probably best not to take advice from me though: your scripting ability far exceeds mine :sunglasses:


@Head_on_a_Stick @Dobbie03 I’ve pushed an update to the repo. WIth alacritty, $TERM returns “xterm-256color”, but I just added a simple workaround for that. If you wouldn’t mind, could you update and check how it works?

Also, Dobbie, I’ve added in a super simple shell function. I’m not sure how it will work with ZSH. Would you uncomment the get_shell call in get_info and let me know if it works?


@LionessAlana it works a treat


Hehe excellent. I will close the issue for now then and hope there aren’t a lot of other terminals that set $TERM wrong :wink:


Sweet! Grabbed the newest commit - Works like a dream!



Very glad to hear it! Interesting that Dobbie’s terminal is listed as plain “st” and yours is “st-256color”. Are there multiple versions of this terminal? If not, should I check for “-256color” and strip it?


Bit tricky for me: I’m running Debian (& OpenBSD) rather than Arch{,Labs}.

I’ll get back to you after the portage has finished…


I grabbed mine from the AUR - st-spcz-git 0.8.1.r3.geed2e81-1


st-256color should be the value unless config.h has been changed:

@chris’s AUR package also has this.


I’m using xst which is an st fork that uses .Xresources to control colours etc.


@chris60601 I’ve updated the repo! Aura now performs a simple strip operation on the terminal name to remove “-256color”. This is to maintain the minimal aesthetic.


Good deal! Works here - only shows rxvt.
Question - are you differentiating between rxvt and forks like urxvt?
Or as you mentioned, just keeping it minimal (as I suspect that is what you are aiming for).

Ah - I did fail to mentioned the my st term now only reflects st and not the trailing info.


I would like to, as “urxvt” doesn’t break the minimal styling. I’ve packed up for the day, but would you mind opening an issue for that in the repo? Cheers!


$TERM specifies terminal capability rather than the name of the actual terminal. Eg vt100 or xterm.


@malm ahh, thank you for the clarification. That could definitely cause problems. I re-wrote the function in the latest update, and I’m now only using $TERM as a backup.