AUR Down?

Is AUR having problems or is it just me? I have tried to install two different packages using baph and pacman and keep getting an error message about can’t find target. I checked that both packages exist in AUR (etcher and balena-etcher).

nope -all good here

My terminal is working for everything else but I’m getting this:

[drew@archlabs-drew ~]$ baph -i etcher
error: responded 405, is the name spelled correctly
[drew@archlabs-drew ~]$ sudo pacman -S etcher
[sudo] password for drew:
error: target not found: etcher
[drew@archlabs-drew ~]$ baph -i balena-etcher
error: responded 405, is the name spelled correctly
[drew@archlabs-drew ~]$ sudo pacman -S balena-etcher
error: target not found: balena-etcher
[drew@archlabs-drew ~]$

Any clues?

It might be the repo that you use that s down, try with another one to see if it s ok, or try later on, it might come back online.

Edit; Just saw that s a package, just try later on, we never know.

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Yep, both of those are packages in AUR. I have been encountering this same issue for a couple of days now. Puzzling.

It s weird, the maintainer might have some issues, I would wait.

That could be the problem. Actually, I’m not hung up on those two packages. I just want to flash an iso to usb.

Any other basic, simple apps for that you would recommend?

No idea about apps that could replace those 2 !


Thanks, I just came across dd and used it. I haven’t had a chance yet to boot it on my other computer to see if the flash was successful.

I’m going to install Audiophile Linux on a spare computer to use as a dedicated music source.

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Forgot about that distro. Let us know how it works once you get it going.