[AUR] autotiling 1.6 marked out of date


This is copy-paste from our PMs with @leigh:

TL;DR: There’s no difference between autotiling 1.6 and 1.6.1

  1. Some guys wanted this script to be available in PyPi.
  2. As I see it useless, I refused to maintain the PyPi package.
  3. @dpgraham4401 added a workflow to publish new releases to PyPi automagically.
  4. It required the dummy 1.6.1 version, to update the PyPi “package”. No changes have been made to the script itself.
  5. Someone else noticed the “new” version, and marked the AUR package out of date.
  6. I had not enough time and will to update PKGBUILD, especially as it changes nothing.
  7. There’s a small change to the autotiling code I’m planning on. When done, I’ll release the new version and update the package.

OK, I’ve just released v1.7.

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