August 2020 Screenshot Thread

@natemaia, now this is an intentional dwm bar replication in Polybar :smiley:


I’m still adamant that the other was dwm but I’ll accept I might be wrong. Knowing the dwm bar I can tell you that this one is far off the mark but I like it, very stylish and simple.

And the topic, started by @Dobbie03, is: “Show us your odd wallpaper” :rofl:


My setup is rather bland these days but tried and true, nearly 2 years without significant changes.


Apart from the dark background, which is improper to my old eyes, that’s what the working setup should look like.


If you’ve got a good light terminal theme I’d be happy to check it out, most of them I’ve used and made have issues.

Actually terminal is the only black window on my screen(s). Changing colors in Alacritty is a matter of seconds, by the way.

I don’t mind alacritty but don’t understand all the fuss

Just use whatever terminal emulator suits.


Fuck it. I uploaded the wrong fucking scrot! It was my dwm setup, but because I was posting from i3 and I am almost exactly duplicating dwm I didn’t bother even looking.

Sorry man :smiley:


Alacritty behaves perfectly well on Sway and it’s the default terminal here. Since several versions ago I wouldn’t recommend it for use with X11, especially on multiple displays.

I’m with @natemaia. What is the advantage of Alacritty?

It uses GPU and is really fast.

I don’t use multiple displays but I will say that I’ve had to implement bits of code to handle problematic unmap/destroy events with alacritty specifically (not window specific but it’s the only one that has had this issue).

Perhaps one day I’ll give wayland a proper go and try implementing something simple there but as it stands all of my applications are X based and wayland doesn’t seem well-enough adopted just yet.

As far as the speed of alacritty I do think it’s a bit faster than st and xterm but only marginally and it is at the cost of more resources both in terms of power and memory, standard trade off.

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As sway is my primary and beloved WM, Alacritty is a natural choice. On i3 / Openbox I don’t use it.

If it comes to suckless: dwm is not bad, but their stuff is not aimed at human beings. You need to patch st to be able to scroll the content? No kidding.


I realize I’m basically at a meme level by now but I use an unpatched st and what’s wrong with command | less or using a multiplexer if true scrollback is needed. ~90% of the commands I’m using are just fluff and I don’t need (or want) scrollback for them. Regarding suckless, I don’t think targeting programmers as a user base is a bad thing and they’re certainly better programmers than me with an old, loyal community and numerous projects spawned from their creations so they must be doing something right.

Sorry, I seem to have fucked the screenshot thread temporarily XD


That is polybar and kitty terminals.

For Void, I had to compile polybar from source for the desktop module to work properly. In ArchLabs, the polybar-git package usually works, but libjsoncpp breaks every now and then (there is a thread or two about it on the forum). I went ahead and compiled polybar for ArchLabs as well - just upgraded everything, in fact:


Haha! Whatever I write is primarily aimed at:

  1. Linux users (2% of computer owners);
  2. Arch Linux users (1% of above?);
  3. Sway users (another 1%?).

Suckless seem to be even more hermetic. :wink:

[edit] This is interesting:

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That’s why we ended up dropping polybar as a default, just too many issues with libjsoncpp, it’s a shame cause there’s plenty of stable json parsers available that don’t have the constant linker issues.

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I agree, targeting bases this small is not exactly profitable or wide spread adoption. Surely it’s the same as most of us, you write because you want to write and enjoy the problem solving aspect of it.

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dwm with Polybar, I can’t seem to get the fibonacci patch to work nicely. Happy to share my configs if anyone would like to assist :smiley: