August 2020 Screenshot Thread

Continuation from July

Welcome to August, July was a quiet month compared to previous months but the quality was just as high

As usual:

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Back on i3 with Polybar. Keeping it simple.


A very unexpected wallpaper! :wink:

Very much so but it seems to fit nicely.

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Don’t blame me! @Dobbie03’s who started this madness. :rofl:


I take full responsibility.

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back to i3 as default wm -


Nice shots @Dobbie03 @nwg @PackRat

If that’s i3 and polybar then I gotta get my eyes checked.

It’s i3 and polybar. It’s been a stressful couple of weeks so I’ve been just relaxing with i3wm, yaxm is going to be default very soon.

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How are you making it look like dwm’s bar?

That wasn’t my intention really, all I have done is keep it super basic.

i3 workspaces to the left. xwindow in the center and time and date with systray to the right.

Same desktop as last month but dwm & dmenu are now properly packaged up:



Just out of curiosity: what’s the reason you find i3 better than sway?

Nothing really.

Wayland is a bit buggy on my machines. Mouse tends to lock up and occasional freeze; so Wayland doesn’t really add value for me. When/if Wayland becomes default, I’ll switch to Sway. I like it, and I believe the Flubox developers have said they won’t be porting Fluxbox to Wayland.

Interesting. As well on my old laptop, as on the new one applications launch significantly faster on sway. If it comes to mouse-related issues: on VirtualBox the click coordinates slightly vary from the pointer location, which makes e.g. marking text to copy difficult. On real hardware I’ve never had the problem.

I’ve never really noticed that; I’ll run them both tomorrow and pay closer attention. Is there some benchmark data for that?

back on topic; latest build yaxwm:


I’ve never tried to benchmark the difference, but especially GTK apps appear much sooner. As I use GTK heavily, it makes a difference.

Are you running Polybar on yax?

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