August 2018 Screenshot Thread


Did anybody see the ultra subtle ArchLabs text in my wallpaper?


I had to go and look twice, my monitor resolution is not the best, need upgrade soon.


Yeah its not like it stands out or anything lol.



@Dobbie03 , another nice shot in there !


HEy! Greetings from Berlin! I have a short break there and “create” an Openbox theme and call it “Archlabs-Raven”. :rofl: It is a Mix of “Archlabs DArk” and Addy-Fes “Pelangi”, “Degrade-Froly” and my own small ideas. Hope you like it.

Openbox theme (AL-raven)

@subjunkie , even pimping from Berlin mate ! lol Keep it on . Nicee.


I fractured my little toe of my left foot… Damn. :dizzy_face: So i have a little time.


@subjunkie. Wholy crap, what a trip in there ! Hope it will get better soon !


Thanks. I have to accept that I am not that young anymore and for f… “Pogo” Iam really too old. But who cares! It was a nice gig and i have alot of fun tiil the end of my toe. lol Nice WE ALL!


It must have been a hell of a party!


Got 2 broken ribs at Tomorrowland and I was only 19… :baby_bottle:


You guys are living too dangerously ! lol j/k

I m too old for that.


lol Iam 40 Yes it was a small 3 Band gig. Mix of Hardcore, old Punk and some Metal stuff. And yes, it was very nice. My head always tell me, cammon… you are young, dance like in the past and so on. And i do it. Ca. 25 min long. Too long. Hahahaha But hey… NO Regrets.


lol Me too… But…You only live once.


@subjunkie , ah you re not too old to be in the OFC then, Guess we re only 4 up to now ! lol


@subjunkie , you bet mate.


Tomorrowland is Dj stuff right? In Belgian. My Ex-Girlfriend was there 2016 and she tell me that this festival was fascinating. OK. We are really offtpic.


@Dobbie03 Nice Matt, that wall’s a beauty.

@subjunkie Another pretty scrot.

Man, know how that feels. I think I did the one legged silent dance for a minute and then invented words, I won’t repeat here :stuck_out_tongue:

@pippo Broken ribs are the worst, hurt like hell and there’s no relief. Unfortunately, know how that feels too.


@pippo. What an experience that someone never forgets right !