August 2018 Screenshot Thread


This wall is a bomb. Simply WOW!!! Absolutely sexy.


Thank you Mate. Here is the config :


Stunning wallpaper, I love it!


Hi. Thanks. No…it is not a script. You can write anything what you want manually in the conky config.

Here the original source:


Thanks man appreciate it.


@Glenn, Nice ! Another Pony ! Guess it will be your next


@Dobbie03 , another nice scrot matey.


Now the last 2 shots for this month. Add Telegram and Flameshot modules to polybar. Homepage:Unix121 —>>
Apropo Unix121: Where is he or whats happen with him? Havent read and see anything from him since 2 months or so here and in other forums…


@subjunkie , nice mods in there mate .You never stop tweaking also !

Not the same on my side ! I only update/upgrade after my usual add/remove apps. lol


lol For this month i stop it. Because when i go to bed, i see nothing than codes, and faults i have do with ricing and other stuff and my dreams are the same. :rofl: I need a break. Other reason: I travel to Berlin to my friends and than i have other things to do. :sunglasses:


@subjunkie, lol, will check you out on this ! Keep it on mate.

Edit: Have a great trip mate.


@Dobbie03 Thanks man and back @ ya but credit really goes to you for the beautiful theme work :slight_smile:

@pippo, @subjunkie & @altman Thanks guys, really appreciate that :slight_smile:

@subjunkie, I’ll be stealing your conky! :grin:


@subjunkie Have fun in Berlin, that place is something!


@Glenn Thats OK. Im stealing all the time. “My” conky too. :innocent:
@pippo Thank you pippo. Yeah, Berlin is a special place and i like special things. Love Berlin.
@altman Thank you mate!


@subjunkie , no problem .



@TheJameyBear , top job in there !


@TheJameyBear Nicely done, very crisp. worshipper@My-Goddess <–Love that :grin:

I really like gotop but it’s got a habit of crashing on me when my media partition is mounted.


@altman Thank you kindly.

@Glenn The Goddess is what I do, so thank you for that.

As for gotop, I haven’t had any issues with it ever since I switched out a media partition for a 500 GB SD card that I use for basic /home backups.


@TheJameyBear , no problem mate.