August 2018 Screenshot Thread


Great job, @subjunkie, I like your style. :+1::+1::+1:


Thank you !


Great scrots in there @subjunkie @PackRat .


ArchLabs ‘Rainbow Bridge’ k4.18.0-mainline


Rainbow Bridge, Japan


Wow, that’s stunning. Nice :sunglasses:


@mrneilypops , nicee !




Replaced 2018.07 Legacy installation (which I had left after testing) w/ fresh UEFI 2018.07. Keeping things simple and clean. Background gimp’d and gimp’d again to match ArchLabs dark and light grey theme colors.


@Glenn , nicee ! I see some dark Pony car in there !


Thanks @altman :slight_smile:

We’ve started looking for another hot rod project and neither of us have ever owned an early Mustang. We both prefer the coupe to a fastback. Been searching the webz for a nice (stock) C code to start with. The other car we’ve been looking at is (if we can find one) a 1965 Buick Skylark Gran Sport but will probably go with an early pony because of parts availability.


Weird, one of my oncles had a 68 GS Skylark, that thing was a beast ! These 400cid Buick motors had loads of torque !lol

Good call on the Pony car, easy parts either used or new ones.


Yup, starting with the 401 Nailhead through last production of the 455, Buick big blocks (particularly) had phenomenal torque. You could shred a brand new set of tires in minutes. A good GS is hard to find, bet you wish you had your uncle’s car now :slight_smile:


@Glenn. You bet right ! Got a Powerglide on it , was a drag ride for sure.


Same as above, but with 2nd Polybar and other wall.


Nicee @subjunkie


What is that “Free Speech of the Day”; some random quote script? Also, that’s a nice conkyrc, how about posting it in the ArchLabs conky thread.

back on topic -


@PackRat , another nice scrot in there !


A new wall and a few minor tweaks.

Both the original and my colorized version of the wall can be found here.


Nice @Glenn you are the dark desktop Guru.

Nice scrot @subjunkie. Love that conky.