August 2018 Screenshot Thread


Was the developer thinking of adding iconify to bspwm? I thought I read that a while back, but maybe that was a user request.

bspwm + xfce4-panel is a nice combo.


I’m not sure but iconifying is more of a stacking thing, I think — with tilers there are usually lots of tags to shuffle the windows around in and the binary leafing means the windows get small fast :slight_smile:

Yes, they’re very trendy right now but oh-so-beautiful, especially those air-head boxers.


It is and an underutilized panel for many WM applications.


Works really well with Fvwm. Actually, a nice combination is to use Fvwm as the window manager in xfce instead of xfwm. Using bspwm as the window manager in xfce is also a nice setup.

fvwm + xfce4-panel+jgmenu

Indeed, spectrwm is the only tiler I know that comes close; it has a built-in hide/unhide function, not the same as iconify. I’ll have to check his todo list again, but I think BL moderator Unia was planning to implement iconify in his dragonfly window manager, but he got busy at university and dropped that project altogether. Would have made an interesting feature in a EWMH compliant tiler.


Sticking with light wallpapers

Orginal wall


That conky (?) setup looks absolutely fantastic!


Thanks, yeah its a mod of the original Seamod conky. If you want it for yourself:

Conky Config
Lua Config


@Dobbie03. Nicee, some more pimpin around ! Keep it on mate.


Thanks @altman. My i3wm, pretty much identical to my Openbox.


Hey mate, can you please share that conky cover config?



More light wallpapers for Dobbie.

Original wall from here.


Hi Dobbie! Sure, i can. :grin:


conky.text = [[
${image ~/.config/conky/claypool/res/bg.png -p 13,12}
${voffset 24}
${offset 170} ${font Roboto Regular:size=8} ${if_running mpd}#${mpd_title}${else}MPD${endif}
${voffset 12}
${offset 170} ${font Roboto Regular:Bold:size=8} ${if_running mpd}#${mpd_artist}${else}Is not playing${endif}
${voffset 12}
${offset 170} ${font Roboto Regular:Bold:size=7} ${color0}${if_running mpd}#${mpd_album}${else}…${endif}\

${if_running mpd}${execi 4 ~/.config/conky/claypool/res/albumart}
${image /tmp/cover2.png -p 20,20 -s 140x140}
${else}${image ~/.config/conky/claypool/res/mpd-off.png -p 20,20 -s 120x120}${endif}

and here the background. Put it as “bg.png” in “~/.config/conky/claypool/res/”.


Here the original:


@Dobbie03, Wow light paper now ! what s happening in there ! lol


You guys are too good for me ! lol Keep them coming up.


Nice setup. You getting into a tiling/tabbed windows state of mind?


@subjunkie, thanks mate.

@altman, just don’t want my desktop to be too dark.

@PackRat, getting there slowly man.


I cant get this to show, what conky package are you running?


Hi. I run conky-lua-nv.


Enjoy the jpurney :monkey_face:

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