August 2018 Screenshot Thread


OpenBSD-current showing the stock fvwm(1) desktop:


The xterm on the left is running www/lynx and the wallpaper may induce epileptic seizures :grin:


@Head_on_a_Stick , nice shot again in there.


It may, just moving my mouse wheel up and down over the image creates an unusual effect. :sunglasses:


@Glenn, lol


Not a whole lot of change; making some dark openbox themes and using oomox to make matching gtk:


Pity that cannot get working cardapio menu, topmenu-gtk(for mutiny view in Mate desktop), animated gif of desktop took 870 Mb via Vokoscreen so need to abstain. pcmanfm-qt has no icons, nemo nas no terminal, conky usually unused, added antergos repos, hate automatically installing zeitgeist. Nevertheless basically very convenient. As I using a couple of linuxes, the Archlabs most often used. Best mouse cursor: Hacked-aio. Menu in tint3 panel - is some python script from stackoverflow without app icons…


Modified the “Chtulu Wall” with gimp a bit, change window buttons and shorten my small conky. I like it so far.


Nice shots in there fellas .


Pretty cool setup man.


Thank you mate.


No problem; tinkering with gimp is always a good time sink when it’s raining:


…and it’s been raining a lot (at least in these parts too) That looks really nice PackRat, one of my favorites.


I agree & very nice color integration @subjunkie Nice :slight_smile:


Thank you very much mate! Nice words.


Again play with gimp and my wall. New icons made with ACYLS, bottom left: mpd album cover conky.( its a stripped down version of “addy- fes” claypool conky.


@subjunkie, Nice ! The pimping never stops !


:smile: Yeah, i have free time and its nothing to do. AND i Love “ricing”. In the past i use i3wm and there i cant stop ricing, really. If you have i3 you do nothing else, `cause its too simple. In Openbox it is more difficult for me.But it is fun too.( and Archlabs is one of the few or the one distro, who comes really sexy out of the box)


@subjunkie , yep , the fun of free time & AL s pimpings , pretty fun.


Trying out bspwm with xfce4-panel (not the desktop or session, just the panel), they work well together.





The workspace indicator allows the windows to be moved between desktops, which is nice.


Nicee @Head_on_a_Stick , love cafe racer bikes.