August 2018 Screenshot Thread


Nice shots in there @Dobbie03 , & @PackRat .


I think it made ArchLabs spelled all funky on your right display too :stuck_out_tongue:


Well , that sux big time.@Dobbie03 .


It does, I’ve done something similar. Hang in there Matt.


If you’re running Arch and haven’t done similar, you’re not doing Arch right.

Found the errors in my .cwmrc - all the keybindings work the way they’re suppose to now. ArchLabs + cwm + jgmenu:

actually a very workable setup.


@PackRat Very clean, really like that one.



Drive by posting to get to 300 for the month:

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Fresh wall :slight_smile:


Looking good everyone.


OpenBSD -current, clean:




^ That’s top & neofetch on the right with two windows from systat(1), the temperature readout (40°C for a small laptop? Nice!) and the “buckets” view — I have no idea what “buckets” are but the display looks cool.


Nice scrots in there @Dobbie03 , @PackRat , @Glenn , @Head_on_a_Stick .

Same old sh!t on my side beside updates on all of my installs. lol


New wallpaper, nothing else new.


That s some change of paper in there @Dobbie03.


@Dobbie03 Nice Matt!


@altman and @Glenn, thanks chaps!



Looks good. Tree frog? We’ve had an explosion of them around here this year… All the rain. The cicadas, bullfrogs and tree frogs seem to be in competition for the most impressive tune.


Yes, tree frog took up residence on the fishing bobber for a day or so.


Closing the month with the basics.


A new icon theme, otherwise, just the same