August 2018 Screenshot Thread


Interesting. Interesting indeed.


Nicee @Glenn , @Dobbie03 ,

See a Pony in there ! lol


@altman Thanks man. Yeah, it’s a fastback but I won’t hold that against it :grin:


Yep , not a coupe right ! lol


Just a recent wallpaper I have used and really liked.

I wonder if we can crack 300 replies in the screenshot thread this month?


@Dobbie03 , nice shot again, dropped the dark theme for a bit !

Wonder about it also.


Thanks! Yeah I really like the lighter wallpapers with the dark windows.


@Dobbie03 , yep , makes for a great contrast.


@Dobbie03 Looks good. Was playing with that background earlier (invert the colors and then colorize to match the theme) but couldn’t get it right. Really like those folder icons, is the pack fairly complete?

@altman It is a good contrast but would bother my eyes after much use. I really need to get back in to see the eye doc… Soon :expressionless:


@Glenn , not easy being an old fart right ! lol


Yeah wish I could help there, I didn’t make this wall :frowning:
Yup Suru Gray, seems complete enough. Since I have been on i3 I haven’t cared how in/complete an icon theme is, as long as the folders are all there I am happy :smiley:


Hehehe! No and unless I can invent a time machine, it won’t be getting any easier :stuck_out_tongue:

@Dobbie03 Thanks, I’ll have to check it out :slight_smile:


No desktop changes but here’s a wallpaper if you have interest.

Click Here


New i3 workspaces Polybar Module.


Just call me Captain Spamalot


@McQ Nice! Thanks for sharing :grin:


Nice wall in there @McQ.


New wallpaper and an additional conky config.


work in progress:


So I made the mistake of fucking around with Visual Studio and connected it to github, somehow it deleted my dots…now my media keys no longer work and my fonts on my desktop are too small and … I constantly have to restart i3 on reboot because the mouse cursor is huge and the polybars start on the wrong monitors.