August 2018 Screenshot Thread


What bar is that @Glenn ?


Looks like the native taskbar for jwm.


Its a start only. GTK theme is on hold as Im having mega headaches getting oomox installed. Consider this concept design. Got a long to do list.


@philT , great looking there.


cheers @altman!


No problem @philT .


Little bit of tweaks here and there, nothing special as ArchLabs default is already gorgeous.



Nice shots again @m00n . Keep them coming ! lol


@Dobbie03 PackRat’s correct, it’s the stock jwm tray. Framed the windows, menu and tray to match your openbox theme. Need to work on the window buttons though.

@philT Nice man, that color red shows beautifully against the dark grey.

@m00n Wow, very nice!


@glenn thanks man.


@altman @Glenn Thanks guys !


@philT. that’s looking good so far mate. If you want to send me the colours you want I can put the theme together and send it your way.

@m00n, wow that wallpaper goes nicely. Very nice.


No problem @m00n .


Kind offer thanks @Dobbie03. Ill take you up if I continue having oomox issues.


I was supposed to mention how your theme blended perfectly with this wall. All the right elements just fell into place.


It was intended to be a nice modern take on the classic #! look.


Just a new wallpaper


@Dobbie03 Love that wall :sunglasses:

Different wall (gimp’d), conky originally by (he who shall not be named but altered enough to suit me), w/color matching launchers and some changes to my polybars.


Looking good, though it looks like you are missing some fonts from your conky.


Looks that way but the letters have a meaning. :slight_smile: