August 2018 Screenshot Thread


Nice one; good to see a horizontal gradient now and then.


@altman @Glenn thanks dudes.

@subjunkie, amazing love how it all ties in together.

@everyone I love the conversation but lets stay on topic please :smiley:


@Dobbie03 , no problema el friendos !lol


Needed a pdf viewer so went with zathura and the poppler pdf plugin:


Looking good @PackRat. One of these days I will get dwm sorted.


Thx @PackRat , never heard of zathura before. might check it out.

Nice scrot as always.


Fully addicted to i3. I’m not fully into the tiling side as yet but will eventually get there.


Looks good Matt :slight_smile:


I know what you mean; I love working with tabbed windows (why I go with fluxbox instead of openbox).

Nice shot; those wallpapers are pretty good.

i3, image displayed in container with ImageMagick tools:


Zathura is pretty powerful if you don’t mind working with cli apps.


Thx PackRat, gotta learn how it s working, installed but have no idea how it works ! lol


Cheers, there is a link to them here.


You should be able to right-click on a pdf in thunar if it’s your only pdf viewer, otherwise:

zathura filename

in a terminal. The man page is well written.


Thx @PackRat , will have a look.Thx it s working as stated above.


Thanks; saw the other thread and grabbed one earlier:


Sweet, that’s one that I really liked too. Also the Moon and NY city.


I have got a “new” old computer with i5 processor and geforce grtx 560 for free! My third Archlabs system at home and here is a screenshot:


They are very cool walls. I need to somehow make my own so I can get some 4k resolution papers.


I couldn’t resist this one; got to meet a couple of the guys that designed the transmission:


Very cool indeed!