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August 2018 Screenshot Thread

Fully addicted to i3. I’m not fully into the tiling side as yet but will eventually get there.


Looks good Matt :slight_smile:

I know what you mean; I love working with tabbed windows (why I go with fluxbox instead of openbox).

Nice shot; those wallpapers are pretty good.

i3, image displayed in container with ImageMagick tools:

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Zathura is pretty powerful if you don’t mind working with cli apps.

Thx PackRat, gotta learn how it s working, installed but have no idea how it works ! lol

Cheers, there is a link to them here.

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You should be able to right-click on a pdf in thunar if it’s your only pdf viewer, otherwise:

zathura filename

in a terminal. The man page is well written.


Thx @PackRat , will have a look.Thx it s working as stated above.

Thanks; saw the other thread and grabbed one earlier:


Sweet, that’s one that I really liked too. Also the Moon and NY city.

I have got a “new” old computer with i5 processor and geforce grtx 560 for free! My third Archlabs system at home and here is a screenshot:


They are very cool walls. I need to somehow make my own so I can get some 4k resolution papers.

I couldn’t resist this one; got to meet a couple of the guys that designed the transmission:


Very cool indeed!

Nice shot in there @womp . Keep it on !

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Thank you! Here is the themerc: Openbox theme (AL-raven)




^ Nice. What text editor is that?

Pretty sure its vscode, could be wrong though

Thanks. My editor is Visual Studio Code with Material Theme Darker.