August 2018 Screenshot Thread

Another epic turn out for the screenshot thread, June screenshot thread was the biggest yet, July’s wasn’t far off it.

Keep up the great work.

As usual:

Share your dots and walls please, this saves people having to ask. Best way to do this is to have a link in your signature.

To open the linked scrot fullscreen in your browser, scroll down to the Download icon on the right (next to Like and Share at, right-click it and hit T on your keyboard to open the screenshot in a new browser tab, then switch to that tab. Copy and paste the address here and Boom! Fullscreen goodness.
(thanks to hhh from the BunsenLabs forum for the tip!)

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Same old from me. Super minor additions to Polybar and a new wallpaper.


i3 pretty boring


I’m away from $HOME atm with only a Win10 laptop available :grimacing:

Fortunately I have my own (Debian-based) live image on a USB stick:


Image available here:

I will be updating it soon.


Nice! I have to check this out.

Nice scrots fellas, August already !

Testing Polybar. Already tired of this setup.:expressionless:


@pintas , nice scrot there mate.

Nothing new here just my usual setup.



2 questions here :
_Why do you use 2 bars ?
_Did you try to match the color of your polybar ? I’ve never used conky so idk how hard it is but it could be a n improvement in your rice =)


  1. I use the tint2 because it lists all the open applications in a workspace similar to Windows, there’s probably a better way of doing it.
  2. No, I’ve just been winging it at least until I have a better understanding of Linux and some free time.


Looks good, keep up with the experiments in there.

Not really, still need some sort of panel or IconBox. I use titn2 for iconified windows as well; never got use to the middle-click on the desktop:

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@mrneilypops , nice dark theme there !

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just a gimp of this wall;

I am a sucker for monochrome…

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@mrneilypops thx checked it up !

Congrats to the team ! BEST release yet !



@m00n , nice shot in there mate !

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