Atom stole defaults

I use Atom to edit my website that I download from Weebly backup after making it then put it on my domain via Filezilla
Now I am moving to AL, I installed it bt it has ‘stolen’ the defaults for loads of file types
I prefer xed in most cases
I know I can change the defaults via 0thers’ in the XFCE settings Default Applications, but there are bloody 100’s of them!

So, any suggestions?
The main features I use in Atom are the ctrl+shift+F for search and replace in whole project/folder

P’raps an alternative to Atom (something simpler and lighter?

Or how to install without letting it steal defaults?

Or other (polite) suggestions?

Use “xdg-mime” or manually edit “mimeapps.list” to change default app for various filetypes. Or, use something else, for example, leafpad, mousepad, gvim, …etc. They all can do a quick search & replace.

Its the shift+ctrl+f to search for and then replace something in multiple files (webpages) that I find usefull in Atom, not just the simple search/replace

whereis mimapps.list doesnt give me anything

How does this work - if I now uninstall Atom, do these mime defaults or whatever they are called revert to the previous value?

Edit: looks like it does
Now to try to install atom without it taking the defaults
Or maybe use sed? (been searching :slight_smile: )

Always learning :slight_smile: whereis isnt for that!
found it in .config

Edit 3
I uninstalled Atom (450 MB!) and installed geany (15 MB ish) which can find replace in whole session


Can we mark this one as solved?

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