At Last it is Here - The Stand TV Series

You did - I just wish they did in near the beginning like the original series. Very well placed - this whas when the virus first escaped the base

I find that a bit hard to believe since, in the past, King has wanted movies/TV of his books to be faithful to the original.

I know King was not happy at all with the movie version of The Shining (mainly Shelly Duvall’s character) so he got personally involved with the mini-series (Rebecca De Mornay in the female lead).

I didn’t see King’s name in any of the credits; has been interviewed about this series?

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I read an article that was saying King was involved in the production. Please don’t ask me for the article as I can’t find it.

Kubrick fucked up The Shining. I can see why King doesn’t like it.

Either way, it’s what I am telling myself :smiley:

Ah yes would have been a nice throwback. Fun Fact, the BoC drummer sang the lead vocals on Don’t Fear the Reaper. Did a pretty fine job. Love me some BoC.

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So - tonight was episode 6. Enter Trash-Can man AND, exit Nick. F’in creeepy ass dude. I tell ya, as each episode progresses, they keep gettig creepier and creepier.

Yeah, to me it’s a little over the top some of the portrayals but still gets the point across.

Personally I would have liked to have seen a 20-25 episode telling for this story. There are so many cool things that have been either left out or briefly touched upon.

Anyway. So far so good.


7th episode was rather interesting. I like the ending with Nadine.

Don’t want to say too much, you know spoilers.

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It will be interesting to see how they wrap it up this week. I seem to recall a good bit left.

Yeah we are getting close to the end of the main story now.