At Last it is Here - The Stand TV Series

I hope this doesn’t let me down. This is my favourite Stephen King book so expectations are high, especially when The King has been involved himself.

I know! I LOVED the original TV series from the 90’s. First episode looks promising. The format is a bit different, but defiantly held my attention.

It is my favourite King book, I don’t know how many times I have read it. I am liking the cast as well. Really good choices. Though I imagined Frannie to be a little hotter.

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I read that book ages ago, saw the mini series and it reminded me that the only movie/mini series that I think got King right was “Stand By Me”, probably because it wasn’t like most King stories, where it dealt with the supernatural and stuff.

So far they seem pretty on to it, though it is only the first season. King is involved in this so I think it will stay relatively true to the original story. They have mentioned though that they are expanding it out a bit.

Personally - I hope they don’t turn it into a “series” It’ll ruin it in the end.

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Yeah agreed, I’m not sure how many seasons have been planned.

And it always comes down to the show runners and writers who look at the ratings metrics as well as social media buzz, and see the how the fans like the dynamic between Carrie Mathison and Nicholas Brody, which then bleeds into another season of their relationship which should had ended in S1 of “Homeland”, which was in the original story line, but writers and show runners like to keep their jobs, and networks like to see a good bottom line, and thus S2 sucks ass lulz.

Fuck me, they have made some massive changes…almost to the point where I can’t be fucked with this show.

Plus it has that slag Amber Heard in it…,fuck that bitch.

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Yeah - I notice a good bit. They expanded on some other story lines that didn’t appear in the original program (than again, I have not read the book) in addition to taking advantage of the newer technology to “enhance” the realism of some situations. And of course there seems to be a good bit of “cultural diverseness” in this series. And with a bit of snarkyness; I wonder why they opted to show the “rat-food”?!? I suppose the PETA crowd wasn’t important enough to leave that imagery out?!?!

All in all, it is only episode 2 of 8. I’ll continue to watch only because I want to see how it pans out and I really wanna see who plays trash-can man :slight_smile:

It would be nice to have Mat Frewer pull that off again.

It just fucks me off they change characters for the hell of it. The whole point of Larry Underwood was that he was a cocky, arrogant white musician who sang blues/rock and sounded different to how he looked…

Ralph Brenter was a man in the book, not a LADY CALLED RAY!

Why do these people who produce these shows and make these changes realise that the people they are trying to cater to will never watch a show like the Stand? So many changes to the story makes Dobbie an angry man.

I don’t mean to rant but it really annoys me.

I am a bit confused though. The woman with the new Larry - is she supposed to be Nadine? I think the woman you mentioned, Dobbie, with Larry - isn’t Nadine and I assume she won’t be back since it appears she offed herself. However, she was taking pills like the Nadine of the original.

Hmmm, I guess the woman with Larry IS Nadine. Odd though, in the first series, she refused to sleep with Larry only to keep herself for Flagg.

Ezra Miller plays the Trash Can Man; he should be able to pull it off.

They also changed the Rat Man to a female Rat Woman.

The woman with Larry under the bridge is Rita, in the book she accidentally overdoses on sleeping tablets, it wasn’t an intentional thing as it is in the show.

Nadine is played by the slag Amber Heard.

You are fucking kidding me? I’m done. I don’t need to see anymore.

I get making changes to add to the story, or add depth but changing characters for the sake of it is just bullshit. In the current, “we must cater to all” environment we are in just adds to the frustration.

Fuck this.

If it appears I am pissed of it is because I am.

Fuck these clowns and their show.

Nope, I kid you not.. I thought Ezra Miller had the part of the Rat Man (he would have been good in that role) but he is Trash Can Man. I didn’t see Rat Man listed in the IMDB page, so I looked it up. If she isn’t listed on the IMDB page, Rat Woman may be reduced to a bit part, or maybe the cast list isn’t complete.

There is just too much chopped and changed. I understand it can’t be identical to the book, but drastic changes like this are just people getting carried away with creative license. If Stephen King is really involved with this I am disappointed.

Not to sound selfish but, this is one of my most favourite books. It is quite an important part of my life as a kid growing up, and to see the TV show come to life (with out the cheese and decent CGI effects like and unlike the earlier series) was really a dream come true. To see it destroyed like this is infuriating.

I hereby announce my decision to boycott any future episodes of this tv show.

Not listed on her IMDB page.

I wonder if they cut her scenes so there is no Rat Man character in the series now.

No idea, either way I am done.

Okay, I have had a new perspective on this tv series. A friend of mine asked me a question when we were talking about this, the question being “What if Stephen King approved all of these changes to preserve his book?”.

It made sense, so I have given this another shot. Every once in a while I find myself getting ticked off with the massive changes but I remind myself…it’s to preserve the book (or maybe I am telling myself that to make it easier).

Enjoying it so far…

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