ASUS-"workstation" again! Dualboot


Setting up a new AL install on my Asus-(former laptop but now workstation) with I3 and Openbox.
I still have Win10 on it and I dont use Windows so often that I forgot about it when I installed. Reformated EFI partition and now Win10 is gone from boot-menu.
I have read about this here and there for a couple of hours and found solutions but they all is about reinstalling and I wonder if someone know a way to get Win10 back into boot without reinstalling everything!?


If you formatted the EFI system partition then you deleted the Windows boot manager (bootmgfw.efi).

See this guide for repairing boot problems:

I have to say though that I’ve never had much luck in similar circumstances. I had to reinstall Windows.

Yes of course I formatted EFI! Totally forgot that I had Win10 installed!
The trouble is that I need it sometimes unfortunately!

I thank you for the link. I will read in to it but I do not have high hopes!


Well, been testing and reading for about 2 hours now and haven’t even com close! You were right I have to reinstall Win10 if!
After I will have to chroot to AL and make a new grub-config right?


You might be able to get ArchLabs’ bootloader working again afterwards by changing the boot order from the live ISO image (no need to chroot).

Use this to list the boot entries:


Then use this to change the order:

efibootmgr -o xxxx,yyyy

Replace xxxxx with the boot number listed by the first command that is assigned to ArchLabs and replace yyyy with Windows’ boot number.

Alternatively run this command from an Administrator prompt in Windows:

bcdedit /set "{bootmgr}" path "\EFI\archlabs\grubx64.efi"

The path option should list the full path to ArchLabs’ grubx64.efi loader relative to the EFI system partition.

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You are a life saver!!

Thanks so much!!


Really strange!
I didn’t have to do anything after reinstalling Win10!
Got a hold of AL as usual!!
But thank you for your help!! (will probably come handy later on)