Asus eeePc 701 πŸ˜‡

Hi !

Since i use and love ArchLabs on my old HP Elitebook, i’d like to install it on my eeepc 701, BUT, it have a 700mhz (celeron...maybe) 32bits processor, 2go of RAM and ... a 4 gigas SSD (yes, the hard drive, not the ram).

I read that archlinux have leaved the 32bits support but i also find some article talking about arch32, but nothing very clear (for my knowledge).

I don’t know exactly how much an archlabs minimal installation take on the hard drive, but i think it can be under 4go (i just need a browser).

So… Is there a way to install ArchLabs on that very old 32bits mini β€œnetbook” ?

Thanks !

I know is not the answer to your question, but if you want bring it back to life, try Slitaz
My little one works like a breeze and has got only 516MB of RAM…


Sorry no, arch (therefor archlabs) only supports x86_64 architecture, you would need to use something like arch32 or as pippo suggests slitaz.

Hello, I forgot to mention VSIDO , you have better specs than me so it should be OK.
Also the excellent @PackRat is (has been) involved in the project.
Whenever is not away fighting tornadoes.

Void Linux still supports 32-bit..

Selection of desktops to select from, or go with void-live-i686-20181111.iso if you just want a cli environment as a base.

Void runs fine on my system with 2GB RAM. Basic install with just Xorg and a browser comes in under/around 2GB, I think.

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Good to see Slitaz is still around.

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There you go, I didn’t know that. I am still committed to learn how to manage Void (64-bit), but I need a bit of time to get used to it.
Same was with Slitaz, but back in the days I was just a trainee at work: 9 to 5 and whole weekends free.

Oh i used Slitaz for a long time on the eeepc ! That’s a good idea, i’ll test that new version (5 wow), but before that i gonna try to install a minimal debian with i3 (i’m not sure it’s possible on a 4go drive).

Thanks for you suggestions :heart: