As the end of 2020 draws near

Well, it’s been a year to remember to say the least. A very strange, stressful and one I don’t want a repeat of.

A lot of what has kept me running this year through an extremely stressful work year has been coming home from work and unwinding by hanging out here. The Make Us Laugh thread has been especially relaxing and enjoyable to view. The screenshot threads are always full of amazing customising and good looking ArchLabs and others desktops.

I had fun hanging out with @mrgreen and @Bryanpwo and Joe from ArchBang and EndeavourOS on Telegram. It was nice to share stories and knowledge and encouragement. They are all bloody excellent guys.

Slack conversation with @natemaia and @dimaom was always interesting and I learnt something nearly every time I logged on and talked with these knowledgeable dudes.

This forum is full of some really cool, kind, helpful, intelligent and caring people. The knowledge here to help newbies is impressive to say the least and i’d like to say thank you to those who step up and help Nate and myself with support and who share their knowledge (regardless of what distro the user is running).

The November release continues to have regular and a decent count of downloads which is always a nice thing to see.

2021 will see the 4th anniversary of ArchLabs. It’s amazing how quickly time flies. @natemaia continues to impress with me with his constant improvements to the installer and his baby dk. Truly epic work.

Some day I hope to meet @natemaia in person. Hang out, drink beer, eat BBQ and not talk about Linux :slight_smile: . I’d also love to meet many others of you in person too. One day, we never know what the future holds.

A Happy New Year to all and I truly hope that 2021 brings nothing but happiness, wellbeing and good things to everyone. Keep safe when celebrating, no drinking and driving and follow those covid rules in place from your governments.

Thanks for keeping me sane.

Signing off for 2020,


P.S. Happy birthday to my sons Jakob and Tomas. The two best sons a dad could ask for.


Yep, a real weird year it was, 21 will start as 2020 ended on my end, not a good time for most people.


Happy Year to @all. Hope life can be normal in 2021.


Happy New Year to Everyone. May Y2021 bring new hope and more cooperation. The death of fake news and nationalist propaganda. Most importantly big tech taken down a notch or two. They cause more harm than doing good now. Virus taught me we are all global citizens on this precious planet.

@natemaia 's noice kicks ass as well. I’ve been using it as my main for awhile now.


Best wishes to you all guys for the new year. Thanks for keeping it up! See you some time on the other side of midnight 311220/010121! :partying_face:

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Happy new year to this awesome community :slight_smile:



Happy new year.

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Happy New Year everyone !

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The First ArchLabs World Tour would be great: meetings, bbqs, concerts, beer… :relaxed: :relaxed:

@Dobbie03 Happy New Year my friend, best wishes for 2021!!


Yes! Very well written! Happy New Year!!!

It is nice to know about this place in this time of isolation!!