Artix Linux anyone?


I have been distro hopping about and discovered Artix Linux recently. Arch based without systemd. Currently Artix has OpenRC and runit versions available. I have played with it in VB and on hardware for a week and so far, so good.



Thanks, imma try it out



Used it a couple of times just to play around with. It’s not a distro for me.



How’s that?
I find the concept attractive and although to be honest I am not informed enough to make a claim about the issues with systemd, I have read many times that - if possible - alternative systems should be used.

Archlabs-Runit? :slight_smile:



I personally prefer systemd. That was pretty much it :smiley:



I guess it would be a lot of work. Although I think having more init option would be nice, but…¯\(ツ)



From what I remember reading, they adapted the scripts from Void and made runit work on Arch. I only mention it because I thought it was interesting and it seemed to work well on hardware and VB.



I have switched to Artix Linux. I love it. Runs faster, uses less resources and has been more stable than manjaro. The Runit init had few docs that I could find online. So after installing pamac I realized I could get the *-runit files to use for startup daemons/apps.

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Never tried it, guess that I m ok with my installs.



I run it on a partition, its ok has the same functionality as arch systemd as long as you know a little about openrc or runit inits. Packaging is slightly different in that there is a difference to some of how they bundle packages up for dependencies. Some packages depends on what is systemd agnostic and what is not, so they have the systemd shim but i think they are slowly getting away from shims and the like by packaging up to be dependent on openrc or runit instead of systemd. I think you could migrate archlabs to artix but then it would become artix so not really worth it and you would probably lose some archlabs functionality maybe?