Art or just Crap?



Good question? Don’t know man… Senior abuse for putting the man up to it? Hard to watch.


The guy on the mic is Lars Ulrich from Metallica’s father.

To me this is just shit. Maybe I’m just not arty enough to get it?


Wow, saw him long ago on some award show, he’s aged. I guess it is what it is but I wouldn’t put my Father on stage like that.


I reckon he looks pretty good for 90! :smiley:


Pretty much it.


And and and… Never really liked Metalica for their stated position on kids downloading their tunes.


I reckon, you’re right :slight_smile:


They screwed napster also, used to listen to some new bands to me in there as other friends also, & buy these cd s from having listened to them . Now it s on YT.


Yes Sir, watched them on CSPAN telling the US congress how they should clamp down upon ‘children’ and hold their parent’s (like me) accountable for new technology. Look man, I get the need for copyright laws and support them but ‘kids’? Really?


Yep,screw metallica lol,


Art - at least it’s meant to be, and art is subjective after all.

Toben Ulrich has been jazz fan (in all it’s forms) for decades; been this sort of thing for a while:


I guess it depends on what your definition of art is? I couldn’t carry a tune even if you give me a bucket! I think my wife is calling… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: