Are you a creative person?

So, a long time a go I started a thread called “make us laugh.” I think it has done pretty well, even while I was on a long hiatus. Give yourselves a :raised_hand: or raise your :wine_glass:.

You have made us laugh and that was awesome. But, are you creative as well? If you have the huevos , cojones, pelotas, or think you do, but don’t know what those words mean. Goto and share an anonymous post you wrote with us, or if you are brave start you on blog and feed the beast!

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Well, that’s kind of a neat idea. Allows you to openly express yourself without the usual echo of criticism and social nonsense.

Cool :sunglasses:

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Are you tempting us? Be careful what you ask for, many of us may end up in the hospital from the laughter that this may cause! Now where was I…

This otta be fun, seeing creative minds at work. :grin:

Just like with make us laugh, I will start us off with a fun piece I wrote several days ago.

Little Death

Enjoy, but know this, content might contain controversial themes or ideas, as poetry and prose often do. So read with care, and don’t get yourself into any trouble. This is for fun. :smile:


I like the little disclaimer at the end. It would most likely trigger someone. It’s an interesting poem, kind of on dark side.

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Good to see you back on board Larry!


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If art has any value beyond just being aesthetic, I think a bit of dark side / triggering is obligatory.

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