Are these values necessary?


In i3-gaps config file, I deleted these values as I saw no use for them and it was ok, I wanted to ask if they’re even required or it’s a mistake?


If you use floating windows in i3 and want to move them with key bindings, they are required.

I’m still able to resize the floating window without them :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

They are fixed values so if you use any of the keybinds to adjust window sizes it will adjust by the size you have set there. In this case 10px. This has no impact on you manually resizing your windows with alt and right mouse button.

The bindings are for moving the windows rather than resizing them.

DUh! I was thinking of

# Size
bindsym Mod1+Up    resize shrink height 10 px or 1 ppt
bindsym Mod1+Down  resize grow   height 10 px or 1 ppt
bindsym Mod1+Left  resize shrink width  10 px or 1 ppt
bindsym Mod1+Right resize grow   width  10 px or 1 ppt

I intended to write move but wrote resize which is weird o_O anyway, I still can move the floating window from the keyboard without those values are they defaulted?

So you deleted just the 10px value, but left the rest of the key bindings?

The 10px is the amount to move the window; you can change that if you want a higher or lower value. I don’t know if i3 has an internal default to move a floating window if no value is specified.


I tried with different values and saw different output…
They seem to have a default of10px