ArchLinux logo 2007 contest!

For those of you who don’t follow reddit, I found this today, and it looks good and inspiring :sunglasses:

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Nice, thx for sharing @drLobes . Never heard about it, anyways I wasn t into Arch at all then.

2007! Don’t remember which distro I was using then, but I am pretty sure it’s Linux. :smiley:

All those logos look good even today, well, almost all :crazy_face:

Looks like thayer won the contest.

I’ve never liked the Arch logo, but, having seen all the proposals, I admit that the least evil was chosen.

I remember they’d used PJ’s work for a short peroid of time.

Even worse! :rofl:

LOL. No idea what these are all about.

Which distro’s logo do you like? I like Debian and CentOS.

Ubuntu and Open SUSE look so so. The rest is archaic. Note: I’m talking about main distros, not derivatives. ArchLabs IMO looks way better than Arch.

Well, if it’s on Reddit, it makes all the sense in the world.

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Yes, AL logo, inside that arch/triangle, that’s my head in flames, I can see myself looking at ArchLabs logo, love it!!!

Upon reflection: Arch logo looks much better to me, if I manage to forget about two associations: an obese geek in front of the blue screen, seen from behind, and the penis in some *fetch utilities:

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania: arch linux simple fetch


Never do it in ascii, it lets yr imagination go wild. Stick to gui logo :grin::rofl:

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Linux distro (*bsd) logos

Most of them are new to me.

LOL, where did you get that associations?

I’ve never claimed to be mentally healthy. :wink:

Most of them sucks. But the link is worth of bookmarking, thanks!

lol, bet that you re not alone my friend !