Archlabs without systemd?

I know this is an odd topic… however, is there any thought in offering archlabs with an init other than systemd?

I don’t know how viable that would be. Archlabs is mainly just arch with a lot of customization to some of the DE/Window managers. I think it is more work than the devs would want to deal with.

As I recall this question was asked a while back shortly after ArchLabs started and the answer was “no”; in part for the reason that @TimApple points out.

There is always Artix Linux if you want Arch with a different init. I’ve never used it, but others seem to like it.

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Unfortunately this isn’t on the cards for us, at least in our immediate future.

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Just by way of closing my end of the discussion, here is the init effort I thought might differential archlabs (positively) from arcolinux, manjaro, artix and the other arch derivatives, down the road. I would assume anything like this portends a significant effort.


You assumed correctly :smiley:

Since none of the team are against systemd we have no reason to produce a non-systemd version.


Hello manyroads, fancy seeing you here :slight_smile:

If you’ve already installed ArchLabs then you can try — shepherd is available in the AUR.

Likewise! :wink: I hang out in lots of places, as it looks like you do as well. I might try using one of the other inits. Right now I’m in the midst of working a few new builds… arch and Debian based. I guess I need to get a life. :laughing:

FWIW… I stumbled across this.

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Thx for sharing @manyroads

Interesting indeed.