Archlabs / Windows 10 Dual Boot

So I reinstalled Archlabs (newest release) on a partition that had an older version of Archlabs using the most recent archlabs-installer. Somehow I managed to hose my boot record so I couldn’t get into my Windows 10 partition/OS. I tried everything I could manage to get it back (Windows 10 ISO/“Repair”, etc), but finally just reinstalled a fresh version of Windows 10 and Ubuntu (and everything is cool) on 2 different partitions. My question is: does the Archlabs installer default to screwing with the boot partition? Or is it something I screwed up when installing?

Sorry if the nomenclature is not correct, all of this is pretty out of my depth. I have a 3rd partition I’d like to put Archlabs on.

Hi @sharkytowers, backup your EFI partition, then go here:

Fixing Windows booting

This should work. I had the same situation.

Mbr or gpt partitioning?

Did you choose to format the boot partition?

Which bootloader?

Hosed how? What were the contents of the boot partition after install?

Depending on which bootloader and other variables it will either let the bootloader install take care of everything or manually install it.

For uefi, the installer will only remove old archlabs boot entries.