Archlabs up and running :) what's next?

archlabs is up and running :smiley:
I’ve installed Swaywm
what should I do now to improve the system in general, the security…
install a firewall? change some config files? fstab config, swappiness?
what do you do after a fresh install?

thanks :slight_smile:

Play with the status bar, taskbar, install a bunch of different programs (depending what you want). ncmpcpp config took me a long time to play with. Play with different terminals and find the one you want and then customize the :poop: out of it.

ohmyzsh or omf
download qutebrowser
tor browser
theme out anything you can
setup git


In all my installs I use one method or the other to keep my .cache clean. You will see 2 examples of cleaning out the cache and both work great without issue. Even though I don’t use google, there is a lot of google crap from the sites you visit and as posted above, you can do anything.


Good call @sammiev , never knew about that one !

intresting video:

or put firefox in a docker container? could be an option?

Your free to do whatever, the cache-tmpfs does more than just the browser.


I’d then try to make my new installation run and look like a Garuda. :grin:

Seriously, ArchLabs is Arch, you’re free to do whatever you like to do.


Experiments @quo .

Lots of stuff in the forum to check . Lots of reading & learning to do.

Add/remove things without borking your install. But a great way to learn.

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Customise to your liking and then create a reinstallable iso from it.


could you suggest me how is the best way to do it? :slight_smile:
backup the partition with dd
I have almost all configured and I would like to save the OS in a USB stick just to be sure :slight_smile:

You should be able to use Archiso. I haven’t used it for an archlabs custom iso but I have for an archbang custom iso.

Here are the archlabs source files Bitbucket
Here are the archbang source files. I include this here because in the readme are some useful tips for how to create an iso. Mr Green / archbang · GitLab

Hopefully others can step in here and correct me if I’m wrong.